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April 7, 2009
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Femboy Blog Page by o-kemono Femboy Blog Page by o-kemono
This is another piece of art I worked on involving some of the fandom "fetishes" and trying to get a "realistic" point of view about them from characters. This one is about being a femboy in the furry community. It was a little difficult to really type out what I wanted to say about the whole topic, but I was limited in space and wanted to keep the blog as simple as possible. Im not a website designer, so I kept the site as simple as I can. Heh. I tried to make it as believable as possible.

Also, I don't know if I am using the right term: Femboy. Some describe them as Crossdressers, cunt-boys, sissy-boys and girly boys. Which is correct in this case?

I did a lot of research on this one because there are several points of view about Femboys/Crossdressers. I went to Fchan, Furaffinity, Paws, HardBlush, Hot Cider and other femboy websites that show various styles of how artists draw feminine boys in whatever situation. A lot of sites seem to have one major character to their categories and libraries: Marty from HardBlush. I used that character as reference and tried to picture someone who is a fan of Marty's work ( the artist's illustrations ) and wanted to try to become someone like him without losing himself. However, the more I dug into the femboy fandom, the more confused and frustrated I became. Many images all look the same: same style, same concept, same colors, same sexual situation. Almost every picture looked alike and there wasn't enough room to really research the topic. I went to more websites outside the fandom and found almost the same thing. That is where I changed my point of view. I looked at it on more of a mental/spiritual side and spoke with a few who knew some femboys themselves.

With what I gathered ( and with a HUGE amount of help from tsunami-dragon :icontsunami-dragon: ), I put it into the image, describing a male horse who is feminine in nature and dresses up in clothing that reveals his curves and feminine posture. He wants to be who he is without being involved in sexual acts. However, it is hard for him because everyone things that all males who are female in appearance are extremely gay and present themselves as sexual playthings. He is also a horse and being well endowed, it is hard for him to not be a sexual eye candy to others. He gets frustrated and tries to still be himself while dealing with the negative view points of others who don't believe or understand his point of view.

That is when he describes something more in the femboy fandom than just that: someone who is comfortable with their body and is comfortable with their sexuality. They celebrate their youth and beauty in the manner that feels comfortable to them. They were troubled as a child, or grew to understand themselves that they are who they are and show it. They feel comfortable with their female side of their soul and heart that they express it by dressing in female clothing. Its almost like celebrating or supporting females and female rights in the world...except sometimes they take it a bit to far and turn it into a fetish for gay men or for males who are straight but want to dominate a guy who looks very much like a girl.

Some people and friends call me "feminine" in nature and that I have a skinny femboy body myself even though I am not a femboy. I take it as a complement ^_^, but I really dont see myself wearing tight outfits and wearing makeup. Someone ( who will remain nameless ) in the past tried that when he took me out shopping years ago, but I didn't feel right in those clothes ( nor did they fit on the southern side... )

DISCUSS? What are your takes on this? Do you want to add any points that would agree or disagree with this? You might have more knowledge or might know someone who does: artists, cross-dressers, femboys, friends of them. Any. I’m just trying to learn more about it. Im curious.


- Ookami Kemono

Femboy Blog Page © 2009 Alex Cockburn.

FYI: If you didn't know or figure out already, ALEXEI is my real name IRL.
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hermafrodite Featured By Owner May 24, 2010
that is extrrreeemmmly fem
tails-sama Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have never liked the treatment of feminine males in the fandom..the comments rarely seem to go beyond 'hawt!' 'gaaaay' or 'it's a trap!'. >_>
And i can only imagine how much pornography they are included in..I've never wanted to be anything but feminine and cute, I don't want to be associated with all the dirty subby sex stuff.
Purgarot Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009

this is quite interesting. its a good art medium, I guess, making it seem like a blog page. I think that's really clever. the content has also caused me to think a bit harder about the whole "femboy" thing and partially, my position in it all. I never really saw effeminate males as a non sexual thing until I read this, so I thank you
Timelord216 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2009  Student General Artist
finally someone set the record straight. good work on this one. i'd like to see you do marty himself. just a challenge
MrParaduo Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Wow...! This is pretty well designed! The psychology and symbolism are well interpreted so even the less artistically interested may become fascinated with! (Though the pornographic under area was a good additional spice, I'll admit).

You're quite the artist. What will you think of next? :aww:
Swamp-Croc Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2009
Wow. Touching, changes my whole thought about it. I live down South too (horrible if ya ask me) and Im forced to be "straight" due to the risk of a beat down. D: I hate it xD And I'd love to be a femboy, its just the people around me would attempt to pull from behind a truck x x And I haz a deep voice xD. But this really changed my thinking. Good work on it :D ^ ^
adr1an123 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
Oh my god! Tell me about it. I'm pretty much the same way as you
R0gue-66 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
This picture really speaks to me. It opens up my eyes too.

The femboy community always sparked my interest. I'm a straight 19 year old boy and I've always dug how femboys accepted their beauty and bodies. I love how they celebrate their youth.
I honestly wish I looked like a femboy. Just to have that feminine beauty would be wondrous.

I can understand how it would feel to be a femboy in the South. I live in eastern Alabama. Nice people, just too closed minded >.<

Thank you for making this picture, it really helped me understand why I have a fascination with the femboy community.
V3NUS4URLOLAURI Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
I am a straight woman, and femboys are one of my biggest turn-ons haha
aphasia-Runeic Featured By Owner May 15, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
This one is difficult for me. I'm fairly secure in my own sexuality, but then I am blessed with the self same thin body he wishes he had. I do not crossdress, and sometimes it makes me smile, sometimes it makes me blink, but I am often mistaken for a woman. Usualy at work, sometimes in public. a lot of times, online because of my personal views and methods of speaking. I have wide hips, a narrow waist, because I took gymnastics i have a smoother walk, more flowing. Because of my height, I tend to walk with perfect posture, because the added length of spine misaligns easier. The arch in my back is very prominent, hips tilted due to a fall when i was a child. If you ask me who I am, I simply tell people I am who you see me as.

If I were to speak to this individual, I'd let him know he has to do nothing he does not feel comfortable with. I'd share my experiences witht hings, and accept him for his views. after all, isn't it how we think of ourselves that matters?
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