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A moment to think by o-kemono A moment to think by o-kemono
"Dear Diary,

It has been four weeks since I have lost my job and recently obtained a new one. I now work at GameStop in the middle of Boston. It is a "one of a kind" store and recently opened up. i managed to get my resume to them before they stopped hiring. I am now a Game Advisor ( bottom of the food chain position ), part time for now. I am getting paid minimum wage ( a $1.25 differance from my other job ) and I am now working roughly 20 hours per week. That is not much per paycheck and my rent and insurance bills come up to more than $1,100 per month. Because I was unemployees for a while, I had to sign up for Health Insurance and the cheapest one I could find was $450 a month. It is a low plan and not many hospitals and dentists except it. But, I really cant complain because atleast I have a job now; a small source of income. I recently got my paperwork back from the Unemployment Sevice, telling me what they can give me per week if I was still unemployeed. What they were planning to giv eme was much more than what I am making now at GameStop. I couldn't help but laugh feel a sence of cold irony.

" Working at Gamestop is fun. I picked up everything rather quickly because I want to move up to Assistant manager once a spot opens up. All i do there is sell and trade games while playing a few and reading about them. Hey, it is better than serving coffee and the employees are nice too. Sometimes, an employee from my old store comes into my work place and is stunned to see me. They tell me about the rumors and stories that is going throughout the store about my miss-understanding-termination. This proves that I really didn't have any respect working there at all. It made me feel a little worse because now people are just making stories up over there. That Barnes and Noble was more or less a place for gossip about others. Its sad how something so small can blow up into a mushroom cloud so quickly and easily. I cant really go there anymore without a cold eye hovering over me. In much honestly, I am glad I am out of that hell hole.

" PussyCat is having a difficult time as well. Her hours have been cut back and now she is struggling when it comes to money. She has even cut back on buying edible-panties because they are so expencive. She wants to have some-sort of pudge belly because she is tired of being so thin, but due to her fast matabilism she will remain skinny for a while, no matter what she puts into her system. She plans to name her pudge 'Mr. Sqwish' when she gets it.

" The fear of being laid-off has pleged both our minds because of how messed up the economy is now. More stores have laid off and closed down because no one is spending any money and/or the corperations are cold-hearted assholes who fire everyone so they could gain more money for themselves. There has been much talk about the goverment cutting down the Arts just to make more money, but the truth is that Art stimulates the economy because people can buy art and be attracted to it.

" Us artists are having a hard time surviving off of our talents right now. In some retrospeck, not many care for art anymore. Its all technology and science now. You need to have computer skills in order to survive and to get a job now. I dont have any computer skills or knowledge. I just know how to draw and paint. Right now, commissions have stopped coming in and PussyCat and I are trying to promote ourselves out there, but money needs to be spent in order to do that, and that is something we cant really do.

" Times are tough now on everyone ( except the high-class slobs ). Im now trying to find another job to keep the balance of my checkbook afloat. PussyCat is trying to get more hours by doing some overtime and finding another job as well. On the side, we just do our art and hope for the best. Atleast we have a backup talent just incase something goes horribly wrong.

" PussyCat wants to watch the first Friday the 13th before seeing the remake now. We are somewhat both alittle dull now and not really ready to see a scary movie, but it is something to do before going to bed.

" I will talk to you tomorrow."

- O.Kemono

A Moment to Think © 2009 Alex Cockburn. All Rights Reserved.
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Yoshi-Fue Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2009
Wow, that's kinda like me, except nobody really cares, and those jobs are making my mom happy with doing other things...
I hate my life, but my dad and uncle make it all better. :nod:
MoonSilver21 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i feel your pain o-kemono...its sad how some jobs can be like barns and nobels :/ atleast the gamestop job is doing better...i wish you and pussycat the best of luck :3 by the way...

nice artwork...:3
MoreLolzPlz Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
How sad! :(
I know what your going through but I'm only 13, so only somewhat... >w<
Hope things get better! :\
ArtibastMoon Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the image of you and Pussycat here ^^ I hope things are getting better for really should try to find better insurance or maybe even look into Masshealth to hold you over till you get a better position or job. **paws** take care!!
zuperzombie89 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2009
Keep it together =) ive been lookin over your stuff for awhile now. it really saddens me to see such talent as yours being damaged by the mess ups of other people.

Im worried about the health of the basic people, with all this crap flying around its putting alot of pressure on people.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. = /

anyways, good luck to you =) and everyone whos caught in this world.
lordzasz Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009  Professional General Artist
I would recommend getting fired and taking the unemployment till better jobs open up. :nod:
Raineyangel81 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
I wish I worked somewhere that needed an artist >.<
RCWikkydArtist Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
Wow. I am very sorry to hear about your troubles and glad to hear you at least have a job. I honestly hope things get better for you. I have an idea that might help you with your financial problem. Note me if you're interested.
Speckled-Paws Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
Congrats on the new position. :highfive:
SHARK-008 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Damn Health Insurance, I don't have a job months and my medics cost around 100$CAN, it's many for someone who don't have a job. ^^;

( damn stuff where I need to avoid the sun, it's not tomorrow I will stop to feel down )
Xss- Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to learn you found a new job, even if it's only part time for the moment. Best of luck for the future, in those hard times.
AnkeaEnkeli Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
Life is pretty sucky when it comes to money lately. Stupid economy :/ I hope you can get a raise soon and she can get more hours <3

Ooo. Put a review of the remake in a journal entry. I'd like to hear how it compares to the original (even though I'll still go see it).
ShadowNightmare101 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
awesome drawing and your story's so true. Now I'm trying to get a job cause I'm in desperate need of money. Even though I'm in 8th grade. It's not to buy something but i need to get in a good college and pay for it especially since economy sucks. My parents really can't pay the bills and I'm scared.
myuutsuCMCE Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
Great drawing and a very true story. :+fav:ed
Whole world economy s**ks right now, is a fatal storm that we hope finish soon. Also I am happy you found youself happy with a new job although the paycheck is not big enough, it is a job for now and soon you will get a better position and the trouble will be solving slowly but for sure.
People can be very hateful sometimes, try to keep them away from your life. Anyway good luck with all, the storm will finish soon.
Sieuken Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
Now situation is tough, try to keep the spirit and trying to improve. Have good luck and don't retract.
Taeryne Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Kinda odd that you release this at the same time that I actually get fired from my three year job cause of a misunderstanding. Was given a new job at gaming store that I went to a lot when they heard I got fired. It was a huge pay cut, but I'm so much happier working there doing stuff I like and serving much nicer people, I think it's better now that I'm not coming home miserable everyday, even if I had to make a lot of cut backs in my life.
kovat Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009
hmm..had something like that a fw weeks ago..just..started to realise..what with teh credit crunch, and thw rold spiralling the isnt excatcly a thing people want or need right now...
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